Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help pay for buttons / stickers?

There is an easy to use PayPal link: Any profit from the Society6 store or money donated through the PayPal link goes directly into the PayPal account that is used to pay vendors for sticker or buttons, etc.

I want my own HAPPY buttons to give out how do I get some?

For special occasions - and depending on my work load - I try to accommodate requests that are in line with HAPPY and its message. I do this as a kindness and not as graphic design service.

How much do buttons cost?

I use Purebuttons to make all HAPPY buttons. You can find pricing at this link (as I do not mark up production costs):

How much do stickers cost?

I use StickerGiant and StickerMule for HAPPY stickers. 3” Square and 3” Circles. You can find example pricing at this link (I don’t mark up sticker production either):

How do you make money from HAPPY?

I don’t. Worst business model ever, but I’m not complaining. What I get out of it is seeing that smile.

What is a self addressed stamped envelope?

Wikipedia has a good entry on this.

What if I want a specific sticker when I send you my SASE?

Most special designs are printed in very low quantities (50-200) because of funds available. Special requests do slow down the letter fulfillment process as it is placed into another pile and gotten back to later. Sometimes, accidentally, much later.

What if I want a button in my HAPPY mail?

HAPPY mail is specifically for stickers. Buttons complicate the mailing process and do up the postage cost. But I’ve never denied anyone who ordered off the menu. (See above last 2 sentences).

Brand Standards for HAPPY:

  • The word HAPPY and the robot head (which is a registered trademark) are not be altered.
  • No other words or logos will appear on the sticker or button fronts. There are exceptions, but this is the rule.